Thursday, April 21, 2011

Giving to Charitable Organizations: Part 1

While I am not proud to say this, as an adult I have never been one to donate to charities on a regular basis.  I don't even give $1 when I am asked to at the grocery store. I welcome you to call me selfish and greedy, as that is how I am beginning to feel.  I suppose my rationalizing of this issue has always been, Hey, I don't make a ton of money.  I don't have extra to give away.  I'm trying to survive, just like everyone else. Sure, I may have a little bit extra after paying my bills, but I deserve to be able to take that extra and spend it on something frivolous.  I earned it! I worked for it!

And then I see footage and photographs and hear stories of people that are so much worse off than I am.  I live in a decent apartment. It has heat and running water.  I have all kinds of clothing and I can eat whatever foods I want whenever I want.  I was able to go to school uninterrupted, pursue my education, and even get a degree (not that I'm doing much with it, ha!).   I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to dictate how I live my own life, and with that being so, I am where I am because of only my actions.  There are far too many people on this Earth that cannot say the same.

At this point in my life, I feel like I need to somehow help other individuals that aren't lucky enough to have the same opportunities I've been given.  I want to share some of my rewards with those that are enduring unimaginable hardships and injustices.  While I know that any assistance I could provide would not be remarkably large, hopefully it would aide in creating the opportunity for a fulfilling, productive life for at least one person. 

So, I am seriously contemplating donating a percentage of my monthly sales to an international charity that has yet to be chosen.  I will being researching various causes and organizations to determine where I'd like to lend my support.  I'm currently leaning towards groups that support the eradication of genocide in Africa, but there are so many causes that could use donations, that I am not yet committed toward any one organization.

I shall keep you up to date.

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  1. I don't usually have much cash but can always whip up a piece of jewelry or give my time!I try to donate to auctions in my home town for things like Dress for Success or the Food Bank - you can volunteer to stock too. You don't need money to do a good deed : ).I also joined up with a local organization and once a week we get together to make quilts for cancer patients with donated fabric - I actually look foward to it ! It's creative and goes to a good cause.


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