Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Nesting Spot of the Evil Catty

Since my Oh Yeah Cat Heads shop is inspired by my catty, I thought it may be interesting to feature tales of this beast on occasion. Today we shall shed light on his main nesting area (he has a few). Rasputin, my evil white sphynx, spends many hours a day sleeping/monitoring the activities in the kitchen from inside this particular nest:  a fabric cat house (that I got at Goodwill for $4!) that sits atop our refrigerator and has a smooshed mushroom shaped cat bed inside

 We've saved our booze bottles from last 2 years and arranged them on top of our cabinets in the order of consumption. Classy, I know.

 The bed in the cat house used to resemble a mushroom with holes so that the cat could enter the inside of the mushroom and hide.  Upon first inspecting this bed, Rasputin promptly sat on top of it and squished it so that the inner cavity collapsed. :(

 ...plotting his next nefarious act.  Gnawing on my textbooks perhaps? Or maybe running off with a spool of my suede lace?  I am not eager to find out.

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