Sunday, April 17, 2011

Independent Designer's Market Boston

I will once again be participating in IDM Boston.  I participated last November as a total noob.  It was my first craft market/show ever.  I am excited to be returning as I somewhat know what to expect.  I bought a table, table cloth, and banner for the last show, so I don't have to worry about that this go around.  I have since gotten a credit card reader, so customers will be able to pay with credit cards as well as cash.

I think the only thing I am worried about is actually getting there.  The market is in the city and I live outside the city.  I am new to Boston, and have recently discovered that the roads here are stupid.  Many streets are not marked, lines dividing the lanes aren't always visible, pot holes are abundant, and the general layout of some of the roads is just silly.  I feel bad having my boyfriend drive me (and my stuff) all the way into the city to help me set up and then drive back home, but it could be worse for him. I could make him stay with me at my table all day. :)

Anyway, if you are in the area (Harvard Square) Saturday May 7, 2011, from noon-6:00 pm, feel free to stop by. There are a lot of other designers there with some really neat products.

Now I have to go create a bunch of ready-made products so that my table doesn't appear totally barren. Suggestions welcome. :)


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