Monday, August 6, 2012

Impulse Buys of the Week

Snack overload.

Yeah...this week was not good.  Not only did I go to the store starving to death, but this grocery store visit was about a week too late.  As in, I didn't go to the grocery store the week before, like normal, so we had to scavenge in the pantry all week for random crap to eat for meals and snacks.  I was too busy to go to the store the week before, and we technically had stuff to just wasn't good stuff.  So, I kind of went crazy when I finally did make it to the grocery store.

As I mentioned before, I am a dessert fiend.  After dinner I HAVE to have something sweet.  Though, since we've been trying to eat better, I've been trying to make do with a hardboiled egg or some yogurt in place of my regular chocolate-laden dessert.  (The glorious cookies shown above were inhaled rather quickly...)

The purchases made during this week's impulse buys were satisfactory.  

The Dill Triscuits are a new household favorite.  They are quite tasty.   

The veggi-bacon tasted like veggie bacon.  I don't recommend burning it.  I think we'll stick to turkey bacon, though...

The Chobani greek yogurt tasted like greek yogurt.  It's a little too sour for me, I prefer my yogurt smothered in fruit or cookie bits. :)

On the rare occasion that we eat pasta, we usually eat whole grain simply because it is healthier.  Whole grain linguini + 1 can of Progresso Red Clam Sauce + sprinkling of shredded parmesan cheese = instant, cheap dinner!

No need to comment on taste of the cookies.  They literally made my day better.  I would rape an Oreo (well, not a reduced fat Oreo, only a regular Oreo) if it were possible and if for some reason the Oreo wouldn't have me and if I knew I wouldn't go to jail.

Also, never buy cookies when they aren't on sale.  If you've ever tried buying a full pack of Oreo's at a gas station, you'll know what I mean. $5.99 at the gas station vs. $2.50 at the grocery store.

Even though this visit to the grocery store had a pile of impulse buys, they were all on sale! And some were healthy...  

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