Saturday, August 18, 2012


I recently moved into a new house with mah husband.  Luckily, there isn't too much work that needs to be done.  Mainly just painting.  Our bedroom was the room that needed paint the worst.  It had a lot of cracks and blemishes on the wall that I needed to spackel, sand, and then paint.

The awesome thing was that I loved the paint color that was already on the walls, AND there was a full gallon of this paint color in the basement. Free paint = Happy Brandy.

When we were moving in, I had all of our bedroom furniture deposited in the spare room, leaving this bedroom empty so I could get to work immediately. I tried to repair the walls as best I could (though I fear the wall above will need to be replaced in the future), taped plastic over the floor, and then taped around the trim. I was ready to start painting with the free, awesome paint that I had in stock!

I retrieved the paint can from the basement, and upon attempting to open it, I ran into a few problems.  Problem #1: Since I didn't just buy the paint, I didn't have any paint can openers (or paint stirrers, but I remedied that by using an old ruler). How the hell was I suppose to open this paint can?  I first tried using our can opener from the kitchen (It has a metal piece on it that I could wedge in the top of the paint can). That didn't help too much. I then grabbed a butter knife and started hammering it into any cracks I could find in the lid.

Problem #2: Pain. This method eventually got the lid off, but it hurt like a bitch.  I repeatedly hit my knuckle, and well, it hurt.  But I needed to get this freaking lid off!  I didn't want to go buy new paint when I had paint on hand. After 20 minutes of hammering the butter knife around the lid (and numerous hard strikes with the hammer on my knuckle), the lid was off. Well, it didn't come off completely.  I was able to pull it mostly off with some pliers, and then the lid stayed attached to the can like a hinge.

 Ew, son.

Problem #3: I've finished painting the walls, but I now can't close the lid and store the rest of the paint.  I had a little empty container and put a small bit of paint in that to keep for touchups.  I guess I'll have to find a way to dispose of the rest of the paint and the can...

This is the knuckle that I often wound when stamping tags, so this type of injury isn't new to me.  Poor hand. :(

This is a different wall in the room post-painting.  I think it'll do until we decide to change the color.  It should help hide the plaster blemishes once we add in furniture, things on the wall, and some nice, fluffy curtains.

Next, to tackle the pink dining room!

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