Thursday, August 2, 2012

Unplanned, Brief Hiatus

I try to be responsible when it comes to running my b'ness.  When I am running low on a supply that is required for me to make my tags and keychains, I reorder with, what I think, is plenty of time to spare. Though, sometimes things are just outside my control, and this does not sit well with a control freak like me!

Case in point: I ordered some supplies 2 months ago.  They were backordered.  Fine, I'll wait. It's ok, because I left a buffer to allow for things like this (judging by past orders I had made that were back ordered). However, it is 2 months later, and the supplies are still on backorder, and I have run out of reserve supplies. Well, frick. :(

So! I am forced to "take a break" until I can get these necessary supplies in my possession.  Needless to say, this break was not planned, and has me kind of...well, upset.  My vendor has informed me that these items will not be available to be shipped to me for a few more weeks, totally screwing up my "I take orders at the beginning of every month"-plan.

The ONLY positive thing I can see in this situation, is that Husband Guy and I will likely be moving during this "break," so I guess now I have time to pack up our crap and move without stressing about work.  [Before this incident occurred, I had just planned on packing/moving during my "off hours."]

I've been pretty bummed with this news, and I feel terrible with not being able to take orders.  I guess it is as good a time as any to catch up on chores and assignments my husband has given me - like photographing all the recent origami he's folded...

 Grizzly Bear




 Lion vs. Lion


....and getting rid of all the empty booze bottles we've accumulated over the past 3 years...

....and trying to pay attention to the cat, which actually has not gone so well. I started off this hiatus by locking him in the bathroom for a hour (with his litter box) so I wouldn't have to listen to him whine at me and bat at my face. Yes, I know I am an unfit mother.

I am still available via email if anyone has any questions regarding custom luggage tags, keychains, etc.  I hope to have the shop reopened by mid-August, but that is completely dependent on when I get my much needed supplies.  You can email me at brandy[at] with any inquiries.

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