Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wedding Cake Toppers: Part 2

I am happy to report that most of our wedding planning is moving along swimmingly!  90% of the necessary decisions have been made, and we are coming down the "home stretch."  Well, we still have over 5 months until the actual wedding, but all of the "hard stuff" is over.  We've booked the ceremony/reception venue.  I've got my dress.  We've found an officiant. We've designed all the wedding stationary.  My kick ass, wood-working father has agreed to make a lot of the reception decor, accessories, and our "wine box."  We are going to the jeweler this weekend to order our bands and I'm hoping to confirm our photographer in the coming weeks. So, for the most part, we are at a good place - planning-wise.

One thing we have no idea about is what the stupid cake is going to look like.  I like one thing, my better half likes another.  We have not decided on a shape, the flavor, the colors, or the design of the cake. After showing him what seems like a thousand *adorable* cake toppers, my future husband guy has committed to liking nothing so far.  I just want to settle on something and move on!  My goal is to have every single possible thing completed at least a month (or two!!) before the wedding so I am not a ball of stress leading up to the Big Day.

As we are incorporating a lot of wood elements into the reception (thanks, Dad!), I thought it would be great to tie in that element with our cake topper.  My "wooden cake topper" finds:

Custom wood cake topper with bunting banner. So cute! But my better half doesn't like "bunting" cake toppers. :(

State cake topper with custom wood burning.

Wood monogram cake topper.

Single rustic wooden monogram.

Vintage heart in mahogany with custom initials.  Some friends of ours used this vendor for their cake topper and it was amazing (and super customized to fit their wedding theme)!

Custom banner AND custom silhouette bamboo cake topper. This is probably the neatest thing I've ever seen.

While technically clay, this custom tree trunk topper is so cute! It helps that all the flowers are in our wedding colors...

Simple painted wooden bride and groom cake toppers.

Custom tunes wedding cake topper.  (You pick the artist/album for the 2 tiny records.)

Since I have wasted invested a crap load of time into finding the perfect cake topper, and have found nothing that we both like, I've told my better half that this task is now his responsibility.  He is in charge of finding and procuring the thing that will sit atop our wedding cake.  What's the worst that could happen?!  (Don't answer that.)


  1. I assigned stuff to my husband when we were planning, too. He took care of the program design, for example, and they were awesome! I'm sure your other half will pick something equally cool.

  2. Very cute wedding cake toppers! I did not think of any such cool ideas when I got married. My biggest concern was finding a blond haired girl next to a brown haired boy ;-)


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