Monday, November 7, 2011

HDR with Photoshop

After playing around in Photoshop today, I discovered the HDR Toning option!  I've always loved the appearance of HDR, but the few attempts that I made to try and create my own while I was taking a photography class in college were not successful. :(

Jump to a today: I figure out that Photoshop gives you the ability to quickly and easily give your photographs the HDR effect.  I tried it out on a few of my pictures from Peru.  So far, I've just been playing around with the different settings to try and make a somewhat interesting picture.  At some point I'd like to actually research the process more to know exactly what the crap I should be doing...

Anyway, here are the "before and afters"  


  1. Those are awesome! Don't really know about HDR but the effect is wonderful. Love the photos both before and after.

    Visiting for Etsy Blog team

  2. Those are awesome. Photoshop can surely do some AMAZING things!


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