Thursday, September 22, 2011

Quirky Cake Toppers

As I mentioned before, my upcoming wedding really doesn't have a theme.  I have found it be pretty awesome in that there are no limits to anything we want to incorporate into the big event.  Lately, I've been looking at cake toppers (even though I'm not sure if we even need one).  At first I thought the idea of having animals instead of people on top of a wedding cake was...silly.  But now I am in love with the idea. Human/animal combos are cool, too. :)

While I f*ing LOVE this amazing cake topper, the fiance guy wasn't jumping up and down about it (like I was).

My better half has a particular fondness for octopi and squid, and I thought a cake topper would be a fun way to incorporate sea creatures into the wedding.  For the items below that are only one figure, I would just buy two and stick them next to each other on top of the cake.

I love the look of this resin octopus.

Probably my favorite option.  This shop is just filled with cuteness.  I think these two squid would be adorable on top of a simple cake.

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  1. Yes!! I looove the last choice... they are just too precious and adorable. And they look so in love. :P -- Sea Marie


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