Saturday, October 13, 2012

Apparently, Ask & You Shall Receive!

A month ago the conversation above transpired.  After it was over, I didn't really think much of what was said (except for the bit about buying whole coffee beans - I am STILL annoyed about that...).  Then, about a week or so later, this face was looking up at me from our mailbox.

Oh mah gawd! I know that face! It is the face of an Etsy Queen! But why are they sending me mail!?  This is odd...and yet so welcome.

And then I opened it. Oh yeah! I told Husband Guy I wanted this. What a surprise! (For reals though. Even though I did ask for exactly this item, Husband Guy has practically never just bought me something when I requested it out of the blue.)

I LOVE this quote.  Before I met Husband Guy, I was kind of a Jane Austen junkie.  I would read this beautifully romantic stuff in her books, just so I could mope around and be depressed about it later - "real guys aren't like that! What bullcrap..."  And then I met Husband Guy, and I found that there are guys out there that are even better than Mr. Darcy!*

*I hope Janites out there don't think this is sacrilegious. :)

 Working from home = I can't fathom the idea of wearing make up (or spending money on make up). Sorry Husband! ><

Yay!  Since receiving this lovely scarf, I have worn it every time it's been nippy out - which has been quite often here in Massachusetts.  Plus, it is nice to be able to wear something out that reminds me of Husband - besides my wedding rings of course. ;)

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