Thursday, October 27, 2011

More Queens Than You Can Shake A Stick At

Earlier this month I went on my first ever adult gal pal trip.  It was just me and one of my dearest friends, exploring and galavanting around Key West, Florida, for 4 days.  Months before, my friend and I had decided we needed to take a trip together.  At the time, I told her that I didn't care where we went.  So, I allowed her to pick our trip's destination.  She chose Key West.  I was a little worried at first as I am not really into going to the beach or "hanging out" in public places.  Before this trip, it had been 7 years since the last time I laid out in the sun, and I had never been to a "club" before.  Fearing my skin burning off and complete social awkwardness, I was a little nervous....

I made these tags for my friend in preparation for our trip.  She is more obsessed with Lord of the Rings than I am, so I thought this quote by Bilbo Baggins (as said in the Fellowship movie) was perfect for our trip.  One might be wondering about the "Dildo Baggins" of the first things I bought off Etsy was this for the same friend that I made the tags for.  So it's kind of a joke between us.  It's nice to have friends that appreciate class. :)

However! I am happy to report that the trip was an absolute delight. I had the most fabulous time!  Tasteful amounts of alcohol probably helped ease the process and allowed me to really enjoy myself without giving a crap about looking stupid while I was dancing or carrying on a conversation. The best part of the trip was that every night we would go to drag shows. After attending a few, we determined that our favorite shows were held at Aqua.  The Queens there were so amazing and talented!

"Cher" invited me onstage to discuss my upcoming nuptials.  Her comments were not suitable for repeating here. ><

My absolute favorite at Aqua - Jessica!

When we weren't attending drag shows, we spent our afternoons taking in the "touristy" activities of Key West.

 We visited the Hemingway House (with the 6-toed cats).

 We scaled to the top of a lighthouse and saw a great view of the

We found the Southern Most Point in the United States.

  We partook in a sunset "booze cruise."

During our brief stay we also went snorkeling - unsuccessfully.  The seas were very rough, so I didn't see jack crap underwater, but I did swallow a gallon of seawater.  Bleh.  Later, we roamed around Duval Street and had Key Lime pie on a stick. It was good times indeed!

Being back home has been nice, though.  I missed my Catty and my fiance guy.  
Next trip --- honeymoon!


  1. Congrats on having a wonderful time! Those toes match the pool. Great photos, especially of the town and the sunset!!

  2. How nice. I've never been to Key West, but I've been to Miami a bunch and Tallahassee once. There is so much left to be explored in Florida.

  3. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I loved your sunset photos!


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