Monday, October 1, 2012

Get Organized with Custom Tags


Most of the tags I make end up on luggage, so it is always neat when I get to make tags that are intended for other uses.  I recently made a handful of tags that I assume were intended to label storage containers. 

I usually don't know the story behind what I am making for customers, so I have fun imagining how certain tags or key chains will end up being used. :)  I imagine the set above was used to adorn lovely wicker baskets in a storage closet.

Wicker storage container from Lowes.

I don't have any storage baskets of my own that I can "tag", but I recently bought a few of these guys, and have yet to add a label in the metal holders on the front. I am now super inspired to make some custom leather strips to add in the little holders to assist in my own quest to get organized.   Eeeee!  ><

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