Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Own Hydrangeas

Over a year ago I was lamenting apartment living and my lack of exposure to the plant world.  I would buy flowers at the grocery store to help me "connect" with nature.  However, after a while I couldn't justify the expense of buying flowers (I'd rather spend the money on organic groceries and fancy booze, ha ha!) and soon became quite flower-deprived.

Luckily, our new place has a few flowers on its microscopic lot.  It just so happens that all of the 'few flowers' are living on one plant - a hearty hydrangea bush in our front yard*.

*By "yard," I am referring to the 2 feet of space separating the front porch from the street.  New England is expensive. :( 

I am not a gardener. I don't know how flowers work. Pathetic story: Soon after moving into our new house I noticed that over half the blooms on our hydrangea bush were really dark (ugly) purple - to the point that I thought the plant was drying out and I rushed to Lowes to buy a hose so I could water it!  Before I could even hook the hose up, my new neighbor kindly informed me that the plant was doing just fine and that this dark purple color was normal for hydrangeas.  Even if it is normal, I don't like it.  Compared to the bright blue blooms nearby, the dark purple blooms look like dried up, dead blooms (even though they are alive and well!).

Bright blue blooms alongside super dark blooms.  [Husband guy LOVES taking pictures of me that feature one eye opened and one eye closed. Thanks!]

I need to figure out what is going on with the soil, so I can attempt to change the color to something a little prettier. Though, if the range is from blue to pink, I wonder where dark purple lies on the spectrum?

Below are my favorite blooms.  Seeing that I only took pictures of the pretty blue flowers, and not the dark purple flowers, kind of makes me feel like a jerk. Oh well.

Crazy bloom with blue, pink, and white.  IDK. 

Tomorrow, I think I'm going to go out and cut some flowers and make a lil' flower arrangement.  I am all for free flowers!  {Hopefully I don't kill the bush by cutting the flowers off the wrong way...}

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