Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cold Catty is Cold

Before we moved out of the apartment, Rasputin developed a new habit of sitting on all the warm spots in the kitchen. He didn't start this until August of our second year in this space. He waited until the apartment was nice and hot to take advantage of the spots that were nice and hot.  What a weirdo.

 On top of the George Foreman Grill after we grilled some salmon.  Sometimes, I think he looks like the weirdest little creature.

 Big stretch!

 A recently used oven creates a warm stovetop for Pooper to relax on.

An hour later, and he is still enjoying the residual heat.

Now, in the new house, the Catty spends most of his afternoons in our sweltering hot attic. He has a handful of cat beds up there, but he usually prefers to lounge on a cardboard box, with his limbs all flopped out.

So happy! So sweaty.

I have no idea what his plans are for winter...

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