Sunday, July 8, 2012

Impulse Buys of the Week

I feel like I'm back to my old impulse-buying self.  After a few impulse buys that were a reaction to some unhealthy eating, I am back to impulse-shopping with no real rhyme or reason.

I bought bananas for starters.  I hate bananas. I've always hated bananas.  Plus, these are discounted bananas, which means some of them are already a lil' rotten.  I guess I thought I could force myself to like eating bananas, which would be cool since bananas are so cheap.  I ate two bites of one banana, attracted a ton of fruit flies, and then tossed out the rest of the pack.

I bought cat treats for the catty.  He doesn't even really like cat treats.  He prefers to bat them around until they wind up under the fridge.  I ended up leaving these at a kitty kennel he stayed at recently, so he didn't even get to eat any. Total waste.

I bought turkey bacon.  A few months ago my husband guy bought a sweet cast iron skillet, and wanted to "season" the pan, so we cooked a crapload of bacon in it for like a month straight.  Then we were baconed-out.  We OD'd on bacon.  So when I went to the store, I felt like enough time has passed for us to hop back on the bacon-eating train.  This pack made for a delicious ride! (Though, the turkey bacon shape was a little odd...)

I bought Greek yogurt. It happened to be on sale - a rarity, and husband guys prefers it over the regular non-Greek yogurt. It was fine.

A few weeks ago I ventured out to Costco/BJ's and ended up with a few impulse buys from there.  The worst item I felt the need to buy was a mega box of Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches. They are kind of my weakness.  Plus, when you buy them in bulk, they are almost affordable.  I didn't take a picture of the Costco/BJ's impulse buys, but I did have an entertaining conversation with my mother the other day.

Sorry if the text is unreadably small. :(

LOL, Mim.  "Good God just stop with the Jimmy Dean."

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