Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Clouds + Catty Escape

For some reason I recently felt compelled to attempt one of those 30-day photography challenges.    Day 3 was "Clouds," for which I lazily pointed my camera at the sun and snapped away. "Clouds" - check!  Not surprisingly, after day four I got bored and quit.

Cloud pictures are kind of hard to f*ck up.  See a cloud, snap a picture; it looks fabulous because clouds are awesome no matter the angle.  More exciting, is that the cat almost semi-successfully escaped our apartment.

I'm sure this little photo session started out with me talking to Pooper, "Is my little Poo Poo Bear having fun looking outside and smelling the fwesh air?" - or some other stupid baby talk along the same line...

I kind of forgot that he has a tendency to want to explore everything, and off he went!  He began walking along the outside edge of our sliding glass door.  This might not be a problem, except we are not on the ground floor, and thus have a glass sliding door that could lead to a nasty fall (if stupid bars weren't in front of the opening).  I was forced to toss my camera to the side and try and retrieve the clueless cat before he realized he couldn't get anywhere and would have to struggle to back up along the little edge to get back inside.

He is such a terrible beast (albeit now safe and sound), but at least I got a few useless cloud pictures.

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