Sunday, March 18, 2012

Justifiable Clutter

We leave in less than month to head South for our wedding.  My goal is to have our apartment in *pristine* condition before we leave, so when we come back after a few weeks of getting married and honeymoonin' we have a nice, clean place to start everything off fresh..

The problem is that I have seriously dropped the ball on maintaining a "reasonably clean" home as of late.  While I suppose yes, I have been busy with work, sheer laziness probably plays a huge role.  The biggest issue with housekeeping at the moment is keeping crap off the floor.  One might think, if you drop something, pick it up.  Or, if you make a mess, clean it up.  Or, if you disrobe in your living room, make sure you help your clothes find the hamper as soon as you are able.  Regardless, keeping crap off the floor that doesn't belong on the floor, really doesn't sound like too difficult a chore.

Sadly, for me, right now, it is. In the middle of my living/dining room, in the way of foot traffic (we have to step over this stuff to move about) is the following:

-a few cardboard boxes in various states of disrepair (including one Catty castle - a later post)
-Christmas lights
-numerous DVD boxes (including Game of Thrones!!)
-random bits of napkin, copy paper, and torn up tissue paper
-yards and yards of suede lace (I blame Catty)
-cat toys
-wedding program samples (currently strewn under the dining table...)
-a rogue handkerchief
-3 separate sock "graveyards"
-kitchen/hall smoke detector
-general garbage

The above just describes what's covering the floor. The middle of the floor - not even neatly piled in a corner (though I like how you think!). I haven't even gotten to the tables and other flat surfaces. :(

I could go on, but you get the point.  Our apartment is in a pretty bad state.  However, I like to blame most of the floor issues on the cat.  You see, he neeeeds this stuff to stimulate his brain.  He is a very social cat, but sadly he doesn't get a lot of attention from me during the day because I don't have time with work and all.  Once I see Pooper start playing with some trash on the floor, and see how entertained he is, I wouldn't dare take that enjoyment away from him!  Then he moves onto some different pile of trash or clothes.  But what if he wants to return to the old pile of trash later.  I have to keep/save it for him - just in case. ;)

 Catty as scapegoat - he is not amused.

Yes. I am aware that this is probably unhealthy, prehoarding rationalizing.  But for now, he gets to keep his fun floor entertainment.  Cleaning begins...sometime in the "near" future.

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