Monday, February 13, 2012

As You Were

This is the least dorky picture of myself taken in the last few months.  :(

I am so happy to say that the shop is now taking on more orders for custom leather tags and key chains!  After the past month of fulfilling orders placed in reponse to the Country Living article, I can say that I have learned a thing or two about maintaining and increasing productivity! Oh yes.*

*I was recently exposed to Old Bitty Grandma via Regretsy.  I kind of love her. Like, I want to print out her face and tape it in my work space and/or have this video running on a loop constantly.  I told my future husband guy that I really wanted him to order a video from her for me for a Valentines Day/Wedding/Birthday/Christmas present.  We'll see if that actually happens...

Also! A few new items will be making their debut in the shop in the next day or so - 2 new tags sets!  Stay tuned for a separate post for these new listings that will arrive shortly.

In case the shop becomes as busy as it was a month ago, I must advise anyone wanting tags before May to place their order as soon as possible.  I will only be taking a limited number of orders at this time, as I want to have all orders completed and shipped out before I leave New England to head down South for my wedding in April. Eeek, less than 3 months!

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