Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vintage Postage for Wedding Invitations

I sent out wedding invitations earlier this week.  I'm glad to be rid of them.  I've had all the components for the invitations sitting in a box for *months*, all sad and in the dark.  Now they are free!! :) 

In going with my blue wedding theme, I decided to splurge on vintage postage in a variety of shades of blue.  A word of advice to anyone that wants to stick a pile of stamps on an envelope: MAKE SURE THAT THERE IS ROOM FOR IT.  Like an idiot, I addressed most of the envelopes before I laid out the postage on the envelope, so I didn't factor in how much space it would take up.  Oh, it probably didn't help that my envelopes were pretty small (5.5" x 4.5").  So, see how the stamps will fit on the envelope before you start addressing them!  Luckily, I only had to redo about half of the envelopes...

Oh! And because I am so excited that The Big Day is less than 2 months away, free shipping on all orders for 24 hours. Starting....NOW! (3:00pm EST) Use coupon code TWOMONTHS to receive free shipping off your entire order.


  1. beautiful way of writing our the name of the addressee.
    Also, of course, lovely stamps. Are they real then, I don't know what US stamps look like anyway, but how did you find out you can buy official vintage theme stamps?

  2. Thank ya! (I try, lol).

    The stamps are real. US stamps are good indefinitely, the only trouble is that the price increases, so the stamps with the lower value have to be supplemented so the value reaches the current rate. The rate as of today is .45 cents, so I just used a bunch of old stamps to add up to .45. I bought them from a lovely Etsy seller:

  3. Good to see these outstanding wedding invitations. I want to have best invitations for my sister’s wedding at one of elegant New York wedding venues. Will look on internet for more outstanding ideas.


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