Monday, October 17, 2011

Peru - Lake Titicaca - Day 5

I've been such a slacker when it comes to making posts for this blog.  I'll get really pumped and write 7 posts in a row (and schedule them out to fill up a week), and then I'll get all busy and not post anything for a while.  Well, here is the last batch of photos from our August trip to Peru.  It was the last good day of the trip.  The days that followed our time in Lake Titicaca were rife with stress and the fear of being killed out in the middle of nowhere.  Needless to say, all went well*ish and we made it safely home.  :)

LAKE TITICACA - Home of the floating Uros Islands

So there it is. Our last "real" day in Peru that we went out and explored.  On the day that we were to fly home, we had an 18 hour layover in Peru before we boarded a flight to Florida.  After spending all day (3 meals)  in the Lima airport in Peru, and then an 8 hour overnight flight to Florida, we arrived in the good ole' US of A to find that our final flight home to Boston had been cancelled due to hurricane Irene.  It would be another 6 days before we finally got home and were able to sleep in our own bed again.  Perhaps it is because getting home from this trip was such a hassel, that I am now a little apprehensive about doing any major traveling.  Hopefully time will heal my wounded traveling spirit. :)

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  1. Great photos! The colorful outfits of the Peruvian ladies always make me smile. Looks like an awesome trip:) xo, Mary


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