Monday, October 24, 2011

Bouquet or Not to Bouquet

In the scary journey that is wedding planning, I have come across many dilemmas.  One of these dilemmas is Do I really need a bouquet?  Below are my thoughts on having a bouquet at my wedding.

-covers up my pretty dress as I am walking down the aisle
-can be expensive
-pointless (purely decorative element that is used for 15 minutes)

-another means to express myself
-can be pretty

I know for a fact that I won't pay money for a fresh flower bouquet.  At the moment, the bouquet options that I have (if I end up using a bouquet at all) are:

-pick fresh flowers from my grandfather's yard the morning of the big day and simply wrap the stems in ribbon and be done with it

<<< OR >>>

-make/buy a brooch bouquet

While the flowers from the yard will be *free,* brooch bouquets are so GD pretty!!  Here's a few of my favorites.

While I know that getting a brooch bouquet would fall under the CON list as "can be expensive," it may be something that I just have to splurge on.  A lot people make their own, but I don't have time to hunt down 50-80 vintage brooches and then make them into something pretty.  I've already got a ton of DIY projects that have to be done, and I really don't want to add something else to that.  Now, just to decide on what option is right for me: bouquet or no bouquet.   :)

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