Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wedding Theme???

My fiancé and I have been engaged for almost a month.  Our wedding date is confirmed for next spring.  We are currently in a scary phase of wedding planning I will refer to as "WHAT THE F*CK ARE WE GOING TO DO FOR THIS WEDDING??!!"  Initially, I thought that a theme was necessary.  What will people think if our entire wedding doesn't follow a cohesive theme where everything was all matchy-matchy and cutesy? 

Trying to come up with a theme that both my fiancé and I like (that isn't totally stupid) has proven to be quite stressful.  Instead, I've decided that we should just pick stuff that we like, and who gives a crap if   people are confused at the wedding.  As of right now, the only unifying element between the different visual aspects of the wedding is the color blue.  Not even a single  color blue. All the blues!!

 Earlier in the planning stage potential themes for our event included: vintage, woodland, Japanese (even though we are both so not Asian), carnival, and maybe LotR.  Already, at this early/scary stage, I am doing most of the hard core planning.  My better half is busy doing crap like working and fixing dinner... 

We have the venue/reception site confirmed, so luckily there isn't too much we have to worry about as far as decorations and food go.  Though, we still have a handful of things we HAVE to make decisions about at some point. The things that I am pretty set on including in this wedding include:

-No bouquet.  What's the point? Really?  I read somewhere that the bouquet originated a good many centuries ago as a means to mask the odor of the bride, and to ward off evil spirits.  Plus, I don't want a wad of flowers covering up my pretty dress. :) Also, not having a bouquet means I don't have to pay for one.

-No veil.  Um, again, I just don't see the point.  (Another added expense.)

-Blue stuff. Maybe add in some black and cream colored stuff, too.

-Mini booze bottles for favors. (Hey, the wedding will be in GA, I don't think this will be too tacky. Hopefully.)

-Disney World honeymoon. As by better half graciously decided to postpone our August 2012 Japan trip to August 2013 (so we can focus on wedding thangs), we decided the second best place to visit next year was Disney World. AKA: Epcot!

Because I am spending stupidly massive amounts of time online looking at every freaking wedding related thing I can, I have been seriously neglecting my little blog.  I feel bad, but the pull of looking at wedding crap (even stupid wedding crap) has gotten the better of me. :(  I am so weak.


  1. Oh my goodness I should not have clicked the tacky link.......... I'm going to be there way too long. Don't worry about not having a theme. There are no rules, it is your day and you do what you want! I love the idea of different shades of blue. :) :) Sea Marie

  2. yeah, you really don't need a theme. just pick what you like and let it happen. I agree that you don't need to include things just because they are traditional. I did have a veil and bouquet, but cut out some other things that I didn't see the point of.

  3. Honey moon at Disney World! That sounds like a blast. But anyway as far as wedding planning goes, don't worry about what other people expect, it's YOUR wedding to celebrate YOUR love for each other. :) There is no wrong way to do it.


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