Friday, September 23, 2011

Vertical Tags with Bling Blang

While I've offered horizontal tags with rhinestones for quite a while, I have finally *just* added vertical tags with rhinestones to the shop.  Totally customizable, I can stamp whateva you want on these guys.  I've considered buying more rhinestones in different colors, but I just love how the bright blue contrasts with the tan leather.  Also, I am not sure if other colors (red, green, pink, purple) would work as nicely. Since I love the blue rhinestone so much, I am considering getting it in different sizes.  A small/tiny blue rhinestone in the corner could add a subtle hint of bling, but not be too "rhinestone-y".


  1. Hi! I just purchased one of your lovely tags and had a post on my blog about it, thought I'd share it with you:)
    Love you stuff, keep up the awesome work!

  2. Leney,

    Thanks for the post! I just read it and it made my Sunday morning! :) I'm so glad you are happy with your tag. :)



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