Friday, September 16, 2011

Finally. A 'Font Options" Update.

I've been selling my tags on Etsy for over 2 years now.  I made my first "font samples" tag 2 years ago - when I was just starting to stamp and I super sucked.  The photo of this tag has been included in the listings of my custom leather tags and shows the different font options I offer. After 2 years, I have *finally* updated this photo with a more current photo of my font offerings.  The difference is pretty drastic.  Well, maybe not drastic, but it is still an upgrade from the old photo.

 Circa summer 2009.  I had yet to discover how to stamp Font A in a manner that would allow for darker lettering.  I also added the numbers in Font D, which probably wasn't a good idea as they didn't stamp that well.

Circa 15 September 2011.  Found a solution to make Font A darker (and better in my opinion).  Eliminated numbers for Font D. Made better impressions of the symbols.  Added options for finishing the back of the tags.  I still may need to tweak the wording/alignment of the new font specifications, but as of right now it is definitely an improvement over the old photo.  I put off doing this waaaaaaay too (unprofessionally) long.

Still to do:
Update the font options photos for the vertical tags and the smaller "ID" tags.  As the horizontal tags (above) are the most popular, I thought it best to start the update with them.  Hopefully in the next week or so the other tags will be updated as well.

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