Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fun Little Nuggets of Subway Culture

There are a lot of interesting things to observe during the course of every subway experience. Probably the most note worthy things to notice are the people and their actions. I am going to start documenting the physical evidence of these characters by sharing the things that I am given on the subway or things that I find on my own during my travels.

In one recent outing I was given these 2 slips of paper by a homely-looking individual and then I found the promotional CD cover art stuck in a placard on the train.

[click to open new, readable photo]

Paper slip 1: Cats are delicious. Lay off China.

Paper slip 2: Hi! Holy crap! You're right! I am a woman. I'm impressed...Hey, I would rather be seen as attractive and beautiful instead of repulsive and disgusting...you are really reading my soul. What?! Gays think I'm disgusting, repulsive, and unattractive? Who are these gays?! I need to have a talk with them. Oh, it's not all gays? Just some?...

Wow. I'm already sick of this. These people are nuts.

J-Smooth is scurry. Drop somewhere else.

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