Friday, December 30, 2011

Taking a Break

The holidays are over (or almost over...), so it is time for me to bring things back into gear!  My better half and I (along with our demon baby) just returned from a 2 week journey to visit family in Georgia and Florida.  In just the past ten days we have put over 3000 miles on our car.  Now that we are back in our own home and don't have a cat meowing/howling loudly in our face as we drive, it feels great to be back!

Regular tree is covered with paper origami cubes with lights stuck in them with a paper origami owl sitting haphazardly atop the tree.  Sadly, the cat did not feel inclined to nest in the tree, or pay it any attention at all.  I was hoping he would climb into the tree and when I walked by he would "meow" at me all cute-like, but that dream did not come true. :(

I guess I'll be putting up the Christmas trees in the next few days. Last Christmas my Mim (mother) bought me a pink tree, and at the time I was a little confused as to why she felt compelled to buy me a tiny pink Christmas tree.  However, after putting it up sans ornaments, I have come to *love* the little pink tree!  It is just so pretty and bright!

Before our first Christmas together in 2009, my future husband guy and I decorated our own stockings.  He loves Cthulhu. I adore Salad Fingers.  While we decided to not do gifts or fill stockings this year (we went to Universal/Wizarding World of Harry Potter instead of buying each other gifts), I still felt it necessary to hang up the stockings we made during the early years. :)

Now that a very nice break has come to an end, it is time for productivity to resume!  The shop will reopen on January 3rd with all of its regular custom stamped wares.  In the meantime, I shall begin the super scary thing known as taxes. A pain, but such a necessity. Alas, I am the 53%!

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