Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rasputin's Holiday Emporium

Last minute shopping? Me, too! But where to get the perfect gift for those who have everything???
I know! Why not try...

 This quaint little shop has it all!  A variety of products and services abound!

Also, you can't beat the prices!  Everything is **FREE**!  Rasputin is eager to move this product, so he's passing on the savings to you, the customer!

Deconstructed toilet paper, mice toys without tails, and cat food crumbs are just a few of the products that this wholesome boutique offers!

Scratches, bites, a showing of flips and leaps, loud "meows" in your face, and utter destruction are merely a sampling of the services Monsieur Rasputin can provide.  If an evil hairless cat can do it, Rasputin is happy to oblige - and always for **FREE**!!

Also, since this catty is so ready to make you a loyal customer of the Holiday Emporium, all confirmed orders include free delivery.  Yes - Rasputin will bring your product/service to you, (as long as you are less than 10 feet away).

Come on down, y'all!  ::waves::  
( a sorry attempt at making him wave...)

In more possible relevant news....custom leather tags and key chains will return to the shop in early January.  I will be spending the last two weeks of December driving from Boston to Orlando to visit my future in-laws (with a pit stop in Atlanta to pick up a lil' marriage license!).  The demon baby from above will be sitting in my lap the whole ride.  :(   
Anyway, Happy Holidays!


  1. Absolutely brilliant idea!! I've adapted it for my own system and absolutely love it.


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