Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Daily Companion

This winter has been hard on Catty. In the summer he was free to roam up in our sweltering attic, and he could also go out into our sunroom and smell the fresh air through the screened window. Now that it's super cold outside, I have to keep the doors to these two areas closed. This makes the cat more bored than usual and in turn, he requires more attention and becomes more...needy.

I bought him a heated cat bed to keep him warm during his daily sleeps during the winter. I feel he has a love/hate relationship with this bed, as he is either happily sleeping in it, or gnawing on it and tossing it about the room...

Thinking he now despised his heated cat bed, I brought down his other cat beds from the attic for him
to use. 

He rotated between a few of the beds before returning to the heated bed - except for taking it out of his cat house.

His final bed is our bed. 

He shows up to our bed at the same time every night, right on schedule.  He has a little routine:

-Hop around on top of the bed covers while I read before bed
-Jump on top of the chest of drawers and leer at us until we turn off the lights
-Leap onto the bed from the chest of drawers (preferably landing on someone's guts)
-Meow in my face loudly while scratching at the covers
-I lift up the covers for him to get under, he runs away
-Right as sleep is upon me, he returns, meows in my face, I lift up the covers
-He climbs under the covers, meowing the entire way
-Purrs loudly, then begins to snore. 

[repeat 2-6 times a night, every night]

He also seems to be whinier than usual...

Why we have a mattress/boxsprings in our dining room, the short version: Got new mattress, wanted to store old mattress  but old mattress didn't fit through the doorway to our attic or basement.  Didn't know where to put old mattress.  Left it in dining room and now too lazy to move it to the garage or take it to Goodwill.

For the first time ever, Rasputin will be boarded during Christmastime. This will also be the first time we've made the 1200 mile journey home to Georgia to celebrate the holidays without the cat.  I'm excited, because this eliminates a lot of hassel we encounter during this yearly trip (sneaking him into hotels, trying to coordinate getting food, etc.) but I am still worried about Catty being happy while we are away.


  1. puahaha, bratty cat! unfortunately my kitties don't like to sleep with humans :( not much of cuddlers either.


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