Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh Yeah Cat Heads

A few days ago I opened a new little Etsy shoppe: Oh Yeah Cat Heads. It is here that I am free to "express myself" or some crap like that. Since we moved to Boston 8 months ago, I have been working at home on Of The Fountain full-time. This also means that I have been around our little hairless Sphynx catty ALL DAY EVERYDAY for quite a while.

Our demon child, Rasputin, likes to drive me nuts. Seriously. He enjoys it. If I am too busy to pay attention to him because I am semi-working, he will run over to the washing machine and beat it with his paw, making an annoying slapping noise. He stares at me while he does this, to make sure that he is really bothering me. His goal is to get me to chase him; he loves to run (no fur=less air resistance=faster speeds).

Being around this creature for so long has inspired me to make clay cat brooches that I have drawn with similar features as my Pooper. No fur. No whiskers. Sunken eyes. Huge bat-like ears. Giant evil eyeballs. I really try to make each cat brooch/pin look the same, but I am just not that good of an artist. So, each cat head pin is it's own character, which is nice I guess.

Oh, and whatever coupon code I am running each month at Of The Fountain, is also valid at Oh Yeah Cat Heads. You can view the coupons at Of The Fountain's Facebook page.

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