Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trying to Keep Quiet in the City

If you ever purchase anything from me you'll learn by looking at the return address that I live in an apartment. I have neighbors. The whole pounding metal stamps into leather/metal is kinda noisy. Can we say "noise complaint?" Luckily, No, we can't say that yet, but I am just waiting for the day when someone comes to my door and says, "Ma'am, what the $!%# is going on in here?!"
This is my only real complaint about doing this crafting business as my full time occupation - I am in a constant state of fear. I would be so sad if I was told that I had to stop my stamping...that would mean I'd have to go out and get a real job, and I'm just not ready to do that again. SO! I try and do everything I can to prevent the noise from escaping my apartment's walls. I've placed my "studio" in a location that is as far away from my neighbors' walls as possible. I also try and run the dishwasher and/or washing machine at the same time that I am doing some hard core stamping. However, my main weapon against deadening the noise is - resourcefulness at work - my leather scraps!

I've attached a piece of leather to the metal handle that I stamp my large fonts with. However, my main tool of destruction, my hammer, is where this technique is most useful:
My own invention. Leather circle + packaging tape = decent noise muffler. That's what I call ingenuity! Or, more likely, paranoia...

Helps to deaden the noise when I'm beating the crap out of some unsuspecting metal stamps.

Downfall to the "leather muffler": 1.) Needs to be replaced periodically. 2.) You know that it needs to be replaced when a giant "puff" of leather dust explodes in your face. (The tape seal has been breached!)

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